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This could be a frontpager, perhaps some kind of award winner I can see it. It's short and sweet, it's clever, decent, great job! You really didn't over think this too much, I can see you didn't over do it and it's clearly not under developed. This I think is truly representative of community content here on NG; not something to just clutter up the portal and not something on the other end that would just be bending over and asskissing a trending thing, you actually did your own thing and you did it good.

ComedyBlend responds:

Hey my friend, thanks so much for your feedback! It means a lot to me! Glad you enjoyed the video! :)


This wasn't too bad, in my opinion at least. I can tell this might not be everyone's cup of tea but I can definitely tell there's a bit of inspiration in there from David Firth (Salad Fingers) because it totally had that feel, the feel of "I probably shouldn't be watching this, this is nuts, wtf is going on" so I was glad to kind of have a bit of a blast to the past with this. The animation did seem a bit rushed but that didn't take away too much from this overall. Might have been a little too short but again, that didn't really detract too much from this. Not too bad but not amazing either.

A metaphor perhaps?

Like maybe he's... swimming in, dept? Is that what you were implying?

Five-Iron responds:

pshh.... That was way back in 2009. Now it's all about the nuclear shit and China Yuan. Keep up with the times man!

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Very well done. The simplicity and straight fowardness (now a word) was executed perfectly and worked out 100% Usually people get stuff like this wrong but I think you nailed it on the head. It's funny because I didn't know what to expect with it just opening as the joke but then as it threw me into the game I felt so responsible and the fate was all on me so that made it so funny for me. Well done.

Without any kind of instruction whatsoever this is quite a difficult game to play.

Quite an interesting concept, story wise and game-play itself. It got a little hard after a while but clearly that's the point haha so good job with that! You managed to make a well done game that was challenging without it being really frustrating or even unplayable. One thing I wasn't sure of though was when I beat it and I reloaded it to play it again my character didn't do the trailing thing at all. Is that by design or is that a coding error? Either way this was still well done! Love to see more of maybe, something like choose your color, customize the character or maybe even level designs to put out into some kinda database so various other custom levels will overlap. Who knows! There's definitely possibility here and this did a good job.

peaumur responds:

It was a coding error, didn't find it while I did testing.
Thank you for review, nice to read such good words ;)

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I bobbed my head side to side throughout the whole thing!

Nav responds:

o.O haha thanks



Rig responds:



That means you're now my best friend.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

You better wear a condom.

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War veterans...

*siiigggghh* you know, they never ever end up with much luck at all.

Oh. My. God.

I LOVE this! BAM! Better than Picasso.


Dat ass.

Well that didn't go as planned

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