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So I'm a moderator now

Posted by jakenator85 - July 21st, 2016

On a dating website... Not here lol. I have been inactive for too long so I do not think I would be a great candidate for an NG Mod, since the last time I was heavily active, this site had a completely different layout and probably now has a significantly new mod staff. But yeah, OKCupid decided I would be helpful for some reason and it sure is an interesting thing to do lemme tell ya. Not too many dick pics to tell you the truth. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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What was a memorable moment in moderating there

This one account I came across was just a dude with a black ski mask and some guns and other various weapons. His favorite hobbies included things like picking up roadkill or hanging out at elementary school playgrounds and things he couldn't live without included his knives his guns and his beastiality porn.

This was obviously/hopefully a troll and it was pretty funny. The only thing I was really able to flag him on was for the fact that none of his profile pics actually showed his face. Other than that there was no foul language no nudity and he seemed like he may have been the age he said he was. But I think someone may have reported him for being "suspicious" like oplz.

That's an example of something that always amuses me about that site's moderation is that the margin of loophole is incredibly large. I've seen profiles for dogs (hobbies include staring out window waiting for master to return) cats (can't live without my 15 naps a day) and even recently I saw a profile for a wrapped steak. All of them of course were following the rules just fine.